Proposed By-Law Changes - March 2020

UpdatedMonday March 9, 2020 byJeff Knoll.

POBSC Members,

On Monday, March 16,  at Stratford Road Auditorium, 8:00pm, we will be holding a general meeting.  The full agenda of this meeting will be sent out in the coming days including nominations for Executive Board.  

Over the last several months,  the Executive Board has performed a full review of our current By-Laws.   The Executive Board is proposing to modify the attached By-Laws based on feedback received from the membership. 

There are two documents – one is the full By-Laws showing all the language modifications, the other highlights major changes to certain By-Laws.

Please take the time to review the changes.   Voting on the proposed changes will take place at this general meeting.   Questions regarding these changes may be sent to  We will have a brief Q&A during the meeting before voting commences.

In accordance to the club's By-Laws,  the By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the members (in good standing) present at any general meeting, providing a quorum is present, and notice of the amendment was either presented to the general membership at the previous general meeting, or notice of the proposed amendment was sent to each Club member or was posted on the club web site or otherwise, at least 2 days prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be voted upon.  A quorum at the general meeting shall consist of 20 members in being present.

Thank you,

Jeff Knoll
Executive Vice-President

POBSC BYLAWS major revisions - 03022020.pdf
POBSC FULL BYLAWS Proposed_03032020.pdf