Rescheduling Game Rules

UpdatedTuesday March 12, 2019 byJeff Knoll.

Game Change Requests - as per the LIJSL guidelines
- Please make sure these are followed as best you can, thanks!

Teams will be allowed up to a maximum of 2 game changes per season ONLY with the written approval from their Club President 

The coach must notify their Division Supervisor with a phone call 16 (15+1) days in advance of the original game date so the change is entered into the scoring system 16 (15+1) days in advance

When calling the supervisor, the coach requesting the change must email both their Club President's approval of the request to postpone the game and field scheduler's verification of field availability to the Division Supervisor (only works in HOME game situations)

Step 1

Home Team Requests: 

If the team postponing the game is the home team, the Supervisor needs to remind the home Coach that they have seven (7) days to submit two dates and preferably a third one to reschedule the game. Consider weekdays as farther into the season it gets dark later or if you have a field with lights. 

Away Team Requests:

If the away team Coach is requesting a game change, the Supervisor must call the home team Coach to inform them that they have (7) days to submit two dates and preferably a third one for possible make-ups. If the game is not rescheduled in 7 days and entered in the system a warning notice will be send to both coaches notifying that they in jeopardy of a double forfeit. 

Step 2

When the home Coach gives the Division Supervisor the new dates, time and field, please include the Field Scheduler’s email indicating agreement & availability for those dates. If the home team coach does not provide the Division Supervisor and away team coach with alternate game dates within the required time frame, then the Division Supervisor must confer with the Coordinator prior to issuing a forfeit to the home team. The Supervisor must also verify that the rescheduled game is not the sole game in the middle of the day. If it is then, it must be questioned and rescheduled to an acceptable time. 

Step 3

The Supervisor notifies the Division Coordinator of the agreed reschedule including the game ID, date, time and field name/number and verification from the home team’s field scheduler approving the change. 

Step 4

The Division Coordinator then enters the changes into the scoring system of the agreed upon rescheduled game date. The Coaches and the Games Committee members should receive an email from the scoring system of game changes. 

If the coach doesn’t receive an email from the within 48 hours of the rescheduling by the coordinator, the coach must call the Supervisor immediately and make sure the change gets put in the system. 

Do not wait until the last minute to check if the change was made. The above procedure applies to all postponed, rescheduled and 1/1/999 to be scheduled games.