2018 In-Season Practice Schedule

Updated Sunday April 8, 2018 by Jeff Knoll.

2018 In-Season Practice Schedule


The Spring In-Season Practice Schedule is below.   The schedule runs from April 9 thru June 1.  After, June 1, a revised schedule will be published to include tryouts.

The following will apply all season:

Soccer Park

  • Clean up after yourselves. 
  • Do not move goals, NO EXCEPTIONS.  (This will eliminate any complaints received from Park Staff)
  • Avoid training in any goal box.  Stay between the 18s so we do not wear out these areas.
  • Any conflicts between teams or other organizations will not be tolerated.  The schedule is setup to avoid any known issues
  • There will be makeup games played on Wednesdays - Fridays on various fields.  This will be notated in my weekly emails
  • Soccer Park closes at 8:00pm. 

Turf Field

  • Clean up after yourselves.
  • DO NOT CLIMB UNDER NETTING.  Use the curtain areas to enter the field.
  • DO NOT USE LACROSSE GOALS FOR TRAINING.  Move aside and replace when training is done for the night
  • DO NOT MOVE SOCCER GOALS ON THE FIELD.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Goals are to be used on game days only.
  • Share the space equally.  There are nights with 4-6 teams.  Split field equally. 
  • HS Sports - DO NOT ENTER THE FIELD until teams have left.  You may use Mattlin if waiting for warming up.
  • On Mondays only - The 7:30 session only has 2/3 of the field.  Another team has a permit for the other 1/3.  

We have limited space in the Spring with lights.  There will be ZERO tolerance for complaints from Park Staff,  Other Coaches, or Organizations who share these fields.

2018 Spring In-Season Practice Schedule_040818.pdf