POBSC Club Pass Guidelines U13 & Older ONLY

Updated Monday August 21, 2017 by POB Soccer.

CLUB Pass Rules within POBSC


Primary Team - the team the child is playing full time for within POBSC

Secondary Team - the team that they are using the "club pass" for within POBSC


 Who does this apply to?

  • Any POBSC travel team U13 AND OLDER (in good standing) who is participating under the LIJSL banner.
    • With a roster size of 14 children or less ONLY
    • Any team with a larger roster size can petition the POBSC Board of Directors through their Travel DH to request a “Club Pass” player.
  • Any child U13 and older (in good standing) in POBSC participating under the LIJSL banner.
  • Any POBSC team U13 and older (in good standing) who is participating in SSI or 135 League with written permission from those organizations.

Initial Process:

  1. Each and every child/parent currently playing within the POBSC travel program starting from U13 shall be informed (by email) by their (Coach – cc in: Travel VP as well as Travel DH included in the email) and offered the opportunity to “possibly” participate in the "Club Pass" Program under the guidelines of POBSC and LIJSL. 
  2. Upon positive confirmations from the parent/child who would like the “potential opportunity” to participate in the "Club Pass" Program (this DOES NOT imply that the child will be selected); the names of the children shall be turned over to both the VP of Travel and Travel DH, to then be processed and offered to coaches for a potential “Club Pass” for who they may have the opportunity (secondary team) to play for.
  3. "Club Player" selection pass shall be selected at the discretion of the following individuals:
    • Vice President of Travel
    • Travel Division Head(s)
    • Primary Coach & Secondary Coach (equally)
  4. The child shall be selected in "good faith", based upon the following criteria (not in any particular order):
    1. Players skill level, attitude and availability
    2. Secondary Team's needs
    3. Primary Coach & Secondary Coach (equally) – input
  • NO coach shall have the right to deny any child (who wants to participate) the ability to participate in the "Club Pass" Program.


  1. Selection & Confirmation - after the selection process has been concluded by coaches and POBSC Board of Directors, each parent and child will sign a written agreement to understand the rules associated with the "Club Pass" Program to reinforce all guidelines associated with Primary and Secondary team responsibilities that they have now agreed to participate in.
  2. Upon Selection -
    1. The VP of Travel with then register the child (within the guidelines) of LIJSL and a separate pass is furnished for the Secondary team.
    2. Under game play guidelines, any child receiving a Red Card (concluding in loss of game play) it will affect both Primary & Secondary teams.
    3. Both coaches (Primary & Secondary) shall converse to inform each other of practice and game day schedules.
    4. Once committed to the program – the Primary Coach cannot prevent (or influence) any player from not participating with the Secondary team (under any circumstances) UNLESS there is a DIRECT “time” conflict with the Primary team.


  1. Participation Guidelines:
    1. Upon selection participation on game play and individual game play time will be at the sole discretion of the Secondary Coach and his/her staff.
    2. Upon player game day selections: the Secondary Coach has the sole discretion to dress and again select/play any or all players assigned to a Club Pass under the guidelines of LIJSL for his/her team as the Secondary team.
    3. A child cannot miss a Primary team's practice, training session or game to participate in any way for Secondary team under the "Club Pass" Program unless there is written permission from both:
      • Primary team Coach
      • VP of Travel
    4. The player has the right to participate in any or all Secondary team(s) practices or training sessions, as long as it does not conflict with any practice, training session or games for their Primary team.
    5. Under these guidelines a child cannot leave the roster of their Primary team to be rostered on the Secondary team, unless their Primary team disbands, (which cannot result from their decision to (LEAVE) their Primary team) or given written permission from (A MAJORITY VOTE FROM THE BOARD FOR EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES):
    6. The player can play participate in any and all seasonal and winter tournaments for the Secondary Team as long as they do NOT conflict or with written permission from:
      • Primary Coach
      • VP of Travel
  2. Upon playing for the Secondary team, playing time will be covered under normal travel rules as stated in POBSC bylaws.
  3. Playing time rules for all children on Secondary team will stay intact as per POBSC bylaws no matter how many "club pass" players are being used at any particular time.
  4. There will be NO extra fees associated by having a "club pass" for the child, unless they have agreed to participate in a Secondary team “outside tournament" which does not conflict with their Primary team's practice, training session and/or game.
  5. Non-Participation,
    1. If the child is injured
    2. The child has received a Red Card and cannot participate