Club Officials

Updated Wednesday August 30, 2017 by POB Soccer.

Below is a copy of all the club officials contact information.   As they are all unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly for the children we ask that you respect the communication process in the following manner:

  1. Monday thru Friday's if you need to contact any individual below, please email them if "prior to 6pm".  Please DO NOT CALL during the day, please respect our volunteers "work" hours.
  2. If you need to contact any one of our volunteers during the M - F (prior to 6 pm) daily hours - please do so in the form of an email.
  3. Texting - please refrain from texting any of our volunteers at anytime.  All communications should be in the form of emails or phone calls 

Thank you for assistance and considerations.          

                                       P.O. Box 212
                             Old Bethpage, NY 11804

President                                    Andrew Feldstein            516-322-3200

Executive Vice President            Joel Sklar                       516-578-9724

Parliamentarian                          Freddy Malamud             516-297-1514

Travel Vice President                  Tracy Slavsky                 516-503-7569

Treasurer                                    Marc Breier                    516-455-3069

VP of Boys Intramurals                Brad Levin                     646-372-6486

VP of Girls Intramurals                Jared Wulfow                 917-747-6338                  

Secretary                                    Lisa Bloom                    516-318-2920

Trustee (Travel Assistant)             Brian Katz                 516-287-6943

Trustee (Referee Coordinator)       Jennifer Reamer          516-510-0790

Trustee (Fields Coordinator)          Jeff Knoll                   516-532-4429

Trustee                                       Russell Bank                   516-528-5380

Trustee                                       Scott Witz                     917-902-419

Trustee                                       Ben Rosenbaum              646-370-0369


Dir. of Player Development           Phil Schools                     631-831-6465



Travel Division DH U10                                      Rich Reamer                    516-318-5563

Travel Division DH Girls U11 & Above                 Brian Katz                       516-287-6943

Travel Division DH Boys U11 & Above                Rob Fryman                      516-355-8456

Travel Division DH SSI                                      Michael Fener                    516-903-8655

Travel Division  Parliamentarian                         Anthony Tripoli                 516-359-1764



Co- Division Head U9 Girls          Bonnie Rothschild             516-622-5310

Co- Division Head U9 Girls          Mike Rosengarten              516-459-1400

Co- Division Head U9 Boys         Tracy Ruhling                   917-670-3396

Co- Division Head U9 Boys         Russell Bank                   516-528-5380

Co- Division Head U8 Girls          Jean DeLuca                   516-680-6710

Co- Division Head U8 Girls          Blair Vitagliano                516-647-8478

Co- Division Head U8 Boys          Faith Marcus                  917-533-1817

Co- Division Head U8 Boys          Kristin Schlossman           917-589-5152

Co- Division Head U7 Girls          Chris Esteves                    917-494-3310

Co- Division Head U7 Girls          Craig Di Gianni                  516-456-1614

Co- Division Head U7 Boys         Grant Menikoff                  516-396-4523

Co- Division Head U7 Boys         Brad Eisenstein                917-687-4466

Co- Division Head U6 Girls           Matt Lenner                     516-314-9455

Co- Division Head U6 Girls           Noah Bloom                     516-318-2920

Co- Division Head U6 Boys          Scott Ritter                      908-578-6144

Co- Division Head U6 Boys          Scott Schwartz                  516-938-0131

Co- Division Head U5 Girls          Sari Ginsberg                      516-521-7756

Co- Division Head U5 Girls         

Co- Division Head U5 Boys          Brian Wood                       973-600-7995

Co- Division Head U5 Boys          Scott Agulnick                   917-251-6651

Co- D. H. Little Nuggets               Erica Coppola

Co- D. H. Little Nuggets                 

TopSoccer Director                         Ann Marie Toth                  516-817-5068

TopSoccer Director                         Eric Horowitz                     516-293-7103 


Webmaster                                    Joel Sklar