Club Officials

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Plainview Old-Bethpage Soccer Club

P.O. Box 212

Old Bethpage, NY 11804


Below is the contact information for our executive board and executive committee. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to the appropriate board member. The preferred method of communication is via email. All emails will be answered within 24-48 hours. If your issue is of an urgent matter feel free to text or call.

Executive Board Name Phone Email
President Russ Bank    516-528-5380
Executive Vice President Brian Wood 973-600-7995
Travel Vice President Rob Fryman 516-355-8456
VP of Boys Intramurals Chris Esteves 917-494-3310
VP of Girls Intramurals Jared Wulfow 917-747-6338
Treasurer Scott Witz 917-902-4192
Secretary Lisa Bloom 516-318-2920
Trustee Nitin Malik 516-987-2982 
Trustee Jennifer Reamer 516-510-0790 
Trustee Scott Schwartz 917-363-8398 
Trustee Tracy Ruhling 917-670-3396 
Trustee Matthew Lenner 516-314-9455
Trustee Dan Saltzman 516-782-9170 
Parliamentarian Tracy Slavsky 516-503-7569 
Executive Committee      
Director of Player Development Mike Branker
Travel Committee      
Division Head-U10 Boys & Girls Rich Reamer 516-318-5563 
Division Head- Boys U11 & above Chris Esteves 917-494-3310
Division Head- Girls U11 & above Anthony Tripoli 516-359-1764 
Division Head- LIJ REC / SSI Michael Fener 516-903-8655 
Intramural Division Heads      
U9 - Boys Scott Ritter 908-578-6144 
U9 - Boys Scott Schwartz 917-363-8398 
U9 - Girls Noah Bloom 516-713-3386 
U9 - Girls Scott Wilk 516-860-7743 
U8 - Boys Scott Agulnick 917-251-6651 
U8 - Boys Craig DiGianni 516-456-1614 
U8 - Girls Sari GInsberg 516-521-7756 
U8 - Girls Nitin Malik 516-987-2982 
U7 - Boys Elana Bandel 516-692-4896
U7 - Boys Anthony Tripoli 516-359-1764 
U7 - Girls Michal Cohan 516-455-5735 
U7 - Girls Dan Saltzman 516-782-9170 
U6 - Boys Jessica Schaffer 516-729-1870 
U6 - Boys Rohini Sud  678-642-8616
U6 - Boys Scott Wilk 516-860-7743 
U6 - Girls Jina Allen 347-577-3252
U6 - Girls Dave Skolnik
U5 - Boys      
U5 - Boys      
U5 - Boys      
U5 - Girls      
U5 - Girls      
Little Nuggets Jennifer Reamer 516-510-0790 
Little Nuggets Jenna Malamud    
Little Nuggets Ashley Stromberg     
TOPS Soccer  Ann Marie Toth 516-694-3567
Immediate Past President Andy Feldstein